Vegan Easter Basket Ideas

I know Easter is right around the corner and this year I am fully prepared to make Sebastian’s basket. I was not prepared for Easter last year ,maybe due to the fact that I work on Sunday’s, or the fact that my family no longer gets together for this holiday. I still plan on having my son attend church, and do the same things that I did as a child growing up.


  1. Vegan chocolate- May be hard to find ( I suggest you start early looking for this) I was able to find some through AMAZON! Ill include the link



2) I love including a book for any baskets that I make: I had already bought V is for vegan for my son so, I opted for the later book:


3) Side walk Chalk


4)Bunny Ears

5) Bubbles


6) Easter Egg Stampers:  How cute are these!!

egg stamps.PNG

  7) Easter Bath Bombs:

bath bombs.PNG


8) Easter Play dough that comes in the little eggs:


9) Alec rock Pets:      


10) Carrot teether :

Obviously only if you have a baby but, how cute is this!


 11) An Easter bunny teddy bear


****** TIP****Last but not least don’t forget a basket (dollar tree or target has cute ones) clear paper, and a cute bow

20 Essential Items for new moms

New Mommy blog alert!!


 Being new MOMMY can be overwhelming. Especially when you have never been around a baby let alone know what to use to keep it ALIVE.  I hope this post helps new moms get a better understanding of things to register for.

  1. Changing Pad- although it may seem like the obvious I swore that I didn’t need one. I thought I was going to be able to change the baby on my bed.. Well that lasted about a week, until my back could no longer take it.

bassinet 2.PNG

2) Bassinet- When you first bring a baby home, I recommend a bassinet. Its small (the baby is small, and doesn’t need a huge crib) and you can keeo your baby close to your bed.(WE HAD THE FOLLOWING THAT WHEN HE WASN’T SLEEPING ON IT U CAN FLIP ITAND USE IT AS A CHANGING PAD)

bassinet 3.PNG

3)Hatch baby Reset- This is by far my favorite. IT has settings that you can set up. So every night till this day it goes off and starts a melody at 750 pm every day, and for hid nap time as well. What I also like about this is that you can brighten the room in different colors without actually turning on the light and waking the baby.


4)Scale- So as a breastfeeding mom I STRUGGLED a lot in the beginning. I had everyone tell me that my son was not having enough milk, or that I wasn’t making enough milk. I had my lactation specialist weigh my baby before a feeding and after. And it showed how much milk my son was eating and it was definitely enough for him.  SO a tip would be to get your own scale so that you do not have to wait days before knowing if your child is eating enough.


5)Pump – DO your research if you plan on breastfeeding so that way, when you are away from your child, or they actually sleep through the night and your breasts are HUGE. You have a relief and do not have to wake your sleeping baby. Just note ,, you really shouldn’t be pumping in the beginning you should really put baby to the breast as much as possibly to establish a supply.


6)Boppy Pillow- because you need somewhere to put the baby when you are trying to do things around the house. Besides the bassinet away in the room, this boppy you can put it on the kitchen counter, or on the sofa.


7) Nose Frida – To non- parents this is going to sound so gross BUT. This  little gadget is a life saver especially when your baby is so tiny that their nostrils are so small u have to use this to suck the mucus out (no it doesn’t go in your mouth) and your baby will feel so much better after.

nose frida.PNG

8)Stroller- Every parent is different and that is why there are a million strollers out there. This is one that I recommend you go into a store (I cannot believe BABIES R US IS CLOSED) and physically open it and close it and see if you can handle it, it fits into your car and if they carry the color you had in mind.

This is the Britax B- lively& B safe 35 travel system  ( I LOOOVE OUR STROLLER) BUT few things) since we had a GRACO car seat we technically didn’t need this one even though now that I am thinking about it, its better to strap your baby  in the comfort of your own home rather than in the cold/hot. (YOU WILL ALSO NEED THE BASE FOR THE SEAT TO GO IN YOUR CAR)


9) Humidifier- Have keep that moisture in the room

10) Bottle Warmer:  You don’t ever want to give your little newborn a freezing bottle of milk. Although I nursed I didn’t really use this much, only when daddy was on bottle duties. But its always better to be safe than sorry. I would also choose the same bottle warmer as the brand of bottles you have.

bottle warmer.PNG

11)Bottle Sterilizer- Your baby will not be able to fight any infections so I would recommend to sterilize their bottles every other day until around 6 months. After that I would do it around once a week.


12)Muslin Blankets: Aden + Anais Silky soft swaddle baby blanket:  Although they are expensive I promise you they are worth it! You can check for specials off of their site, or something in Marshalls they have them at a lower price. (we were very lucky and a friend of mine worked there and she was the one that got me onto them (SHOUTOUT to the real MVP MEISHA)


13)Bibs: Birpy bibs I also recommend Aden +Anais the are multifunctional, and they are reversible as well)


14)High Chair- I like this one because it turns into a toddler chair as well.

high chair.PNG

15)Little Olympians wooden play gym-  You have to keep your baby exploring their new senses; touching and feeling helps develop those sensorimotor skills

play gym.PNG

16)Tummy Time Mat- As soon as your baby comes home, you need to practice tummy time, It is essential to their development and to learn to hold their heads up. You start by one minute at a time, and you start increasing that time little by little. (your pediatrician will tell you how long you should be doing it)


17)Car Seat-  This Graco 4in 1 convertible car seat is my favorite because you can use it as a rear facing seat, forward facing, booster seat and up-to your child is 120lbs.

car seat.PNG

18)Jumper- Fisher Price 3-1 sit to stand activity center

This can also be used a tummy time mat and a few other things


19)Pack & Play- Graco Pack & Play As your baby starts crawling they will be EVERYWHERE. So this is a good way to be able to keep an eye on them while cooking, can be a nap area, an extra changing pad in another location in your home


20)Rock & Play-  Your baby can lay here and play and there is also a button that will rock your baby as well.


I can make this list go on forever! But I thought I would stick to the basics. Ill add a few more things without pictures that are needed for a first time mom. Hope this helps as a guide because I know I was completely lost when it came to all this.


  • Baby bottles (a variety of 3oz bottles and 950z and 9 oz bottles)

  • Hats and gloves (baby loses all their body heat through their heads that is why as a newborn they need to keep their heads covered) gloves to keep baby from scratching their faces

  • Baby Soap – Dr bronner

  • Towels /socks

  • Onesie (zipper ones when they are newborn)

  • DIAPERS /WIPES  ( you will go through diapers like you won’t believe)

  • crib sheets

  • First aid kit for the baby (thermometer, nail cutter/filler, hair crush/comb

  • Teething toys

  •  MAYBE a Swing

  • Bath for the baby

Mothers Intuition

Mothers Intuition.

They say, you learn how to be a mother once you meet your little bundle of joy. Motherhood is not something you can study. You cannot look up how to balance work, cooking, bathing, food shopping, laundry, meeting your partner’s needs,  working out, showering, and also keep  your sanity, (if there is a book I’m open for recommendations) You also  develop what they call mothers intuition. The day I met my son, I was so overjoyed with happiness seeing my little family come to life. After all the fuss of the first day of meting him, it really hit me how my husband and I were responsible for this tiny little human for the rest of his life, and help guide him to be the best son, and man he could be.

Every month, during his checkups I would mention to his pediatrician that he was always sick. He always had a runny nose. And he always scratched at his ears. The doctor would repeatedly blame it to the fact that my son went to daycare. But, we are very fortunate that he only attends daycare two days a week. There is so much that happens in the first year that his symptoms were blamed on everything. Teething, fever, not drinking enough milk prior to bedtime. My heart kept telling me something was wrong but the doctor wouldn’t acknowledge my fears.


Symptoms my son was experiencing:

Sleep Apnea which causes him to wake up a lot at night, due to him not breathing.


Ear problems

Swollen glands

Runny nose

Problems breathing through the nose, he only breaths from his mouth


They cannot do an allergy test on your children unless they are one. At this point I thought he had an allergy to the carpet in our apartment and was ready to pack our things up and go. I had another pediatrician recommend to get the wax out of his ears (which is what she claimed made his ears itch) let’s just say that was a pretty horrific scene holding my son down while someone scooped wax out of his ear…. And then made him bleed from both his ears. My heart was broken. I mentioned all this to my coworker who recommend that I take my son to an ENT specialist (Ear nose and throat DR)

After going to the ENT he explained that my son has so much fluid in his ears he can hear but, to him it sounds like he is under water. He cannot make out words. After a month of putting him on medication to see if it will resolve on its own, we decided to go through with the surgery.  He will be getting ear tubes put in to get rid of the fluid and also we are removing his adenoids. I’m glad I took it upon myself and scheduled an apt with the ENT. If it was up to the doctor we would still be going back and forth trying to figure out what was happening to my son.  My tip for any new parents; If a doctor won’t consider your concerns, go to another doctor and bring up your concerns. That feeling you have inside, it’s there for a reason do not ignore it. You are the only person who will advocate for your child. Do not let your child down, they are relying on you.