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Why I became Vegan

Why I became Vegan

Why I became vegan...

 I get asked this question ALL THE TIME.  My vegan journey began in 2015 but officially in Dec of 2017. I went vegan after complaining to my coworker that I had my period for a straight THIRTY DAYS. At that point I didn’t know what to do with my entire life. I was desperate to end to what seemed like my slow death, aka bleeding to death. I was willing to try anything. And when my co- worker talked about his vegan journey and how it improved his overall health. I decided to look into how veganism helps with hormones, and read a lot of information that appealed to me. I didn’t know that many vegans at the time and the only person I knew was a co-worker of mine (who actually motivated me to write this blog)  


Reasons why I decided to try veganism:

I was diagnosed with PCOS

Stabilize my period

I wanted to start a family

For my Heath

Clear up acne


PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Is a hormonal disorder. Women with PCOS have infrequent or very long menstrual periods. Our ovaries may develop follicles and fail to release eggs. There is no known cause, or treatment that helps with PCOS, weight loss may reduce the risk of long term complications such as diabetes and heart disease. Basically, my body makes too much insulin and too much insulin promotes fat storage and weight gain. Which, can cause infertility, diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity, mood swings, sounds fun! Doesn’t it?!!


Surprisingly, the hardest part about becoming vegan was dealing the reaction of family and friends. NOT THE AMOUNT OF PROTEIN I GET. Everyone’s reaction is always “I can NEVER give up meat” or “where do you get your protein from” The funny thing is that I used to be that person. Until I opened my eyes to what really happens to the animals prior to getting butchered, then packaged for a few weeks until you purchase it and cook it.  My family is Dominican, and every meal has to have meat in it. I never in a million years saw myself not eating meat. Like, what else do you eat? “WHERE DO I GET MY PROTEIN?” Every holiday there has to be pernil (pork shoulder) ribs, chicken, mac and cheese, and there is a ton of it! My point is, if I could do it especially five days before Christmas, anyone can do it.


 Giving up meat was the easiest part of my journey. I say journey because veganism is a journey. First step is about giving up animal products. Milk, cheese, deli meats, and meat. The second step is about the animals and having compassion for them. third step is taking action. By taking action, I mean not using products that are tested on animals, and trying to create less waste for the environment. Environment that my son will continue to live in when I am not here. I have been switching my makeup, and lotions to cruelty free lines. (I’ll share in another post)


 Benefits I’ve noticed since going vegan:

 I have SOO much energy!!! (Enough to keep with my energetic son)

My PCOS symptoms have gotten better

I enjoy cooking new recipes

I get to eat colorful whole foods.

Faster recovery time at the gym



My PCOS symptoms have gotten soo much better. But now that I am a vegan I need to eat better, and eat foods that have a low Glycemic index. I have to stay away from certain foods like, potatoes breads and rice (attempting to go gluten free) The first month I went vegan I probably ate boxes upon boxes of Oreos because, they are vegan and delicious! But not up on the list of health food item.  I’m still learning a lot about being a vegan with PCOS because to be quite frankly there aren’t a lot of us out there. Since going vegan, and returning to the gym. I have seen a better recovery time between workouts. Usually when I do my leg day, or any workouts in general. I would be sore for a few days and barely could walk. Now, I can workout 4 -5 days in row and I don’t feel like I need a few days off in between to recover. 


These are my reasons why I went vegan, comment below what was your reason for going vegan, and what the most difficult part of your journey has been. Also, if you know anyone struggling with PCOS comment below what their symptoms are. Thank you for reading



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