Mothers Intuition

Mothers Intuition.

They say, you learn how to be a mother once you meet your little bundle of joy. Motherhood is not something you can study. You cannot look up how to balance work, cooking, bathing, food shopping, laundry, meeting your partner’s needs,  working out, showering, and also keep  your sanity, (if there is a book I’m open for recommendations) You also  develop what they call mothers intuition. The day I met my son, I was so overjoyed with happiness seeing my little family come to life. After all the fuss of the first day of meting him, it really hit me how my husband and I were responsible for this tiny little human for the rest of his life, and help guide him to be the best son, and man he could be.

Every month, during his checkups I would mention to his pediatrician that he was always sick. He always had a runny nose. And he always scratched at his ears. The doctor would repeatedly blame it to the fact that my son went to daycare. But, we are very fortunate that he only attends daycare two days a week. There is so much that happens in the first year that his symptoms were blamed on everything. Teething, fever, not drinking enough milk prior to bedtime. My heart kept telling me something was wrong but the doctor wouldn’t acknowledge my fears.


Symptoms my son was experiencing:

Sleep Apnea which causes him to wake up a lot at night, due to him not breathing.


Ear problems

Swollen glands

Runny nose

Problems breathing through the nose, he only breaths from his mouth


They cannot do an allergy test on your children unless they are one. At this point I thought he had an allergy to the carpet in our apartment and was ready to pack our things up and go. I had another pediatrician recommend to get the wax out of his ears (which is what she claimed made his ears itch) let’s just say that was a pretty horrific scene holding my son down while someone scooped wax out of his ear…. And then made him bleed from both his ears. My heart was broken. I mentioned all this to my coworker who recommend that I take my son to an ENT specialist (Ear nose and throat DR)

After going to the ENT he explained that my son has so much fluid in his ears he can hear but, to him it sounds like he is under water. He cannot make out words. After a month of putting him on medication to see if it will resolve on its own, we decided to go through with the surgery.  He will be getting ear tubes put in to get rid of the fluid and also we are removing his adenoids. I’m glad I took it upon myself and scheduled an apt with the ENT. If it was up to the doctor we would still be going back and forth trying to figure out what was happening to my son.  My tip for any new parents; If a doctor won’t consider your concerns, go to another doctor and bring up your concerns. That feeling you have inside, it’s there for a reason do not ignore it. You are the only person who will advocate for your child. Do not let your child down, they are relying on you.